December 2, 2022
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California Girls

Yesterday, Sandra Fluke made the announcement that she would not be running for US Congress, stating,


“Thanks so much to everyone who encouraged me to‪#‎runsandrarun, your support means the world to me. Today I have announced that I am running for California State Senate.”


While she said that this was done because she would be able to make more changes in the Sacramento area, it seems like it’s really coming down to the rift that could have emerged had she continued her run for Congress.  Also running is Wendy Greuel.

Fluke became a prominent public figure in 2012 when she was called a “slut” by the ever-so-sensitive Rush Limbaugh during debates about women’s rights to have access to contraception under the new health care laws.  Since then, she has continued to speak out for women’s rights in the political arena.

Greuel has been the Los Angeles City Controller since 2009 and has always made it clear that women’s issues are very important to her, supporting Planned Parenthood and the right for women to make choices about their own bodies.

Had Fluke stepped into the ring, it would have created a split between women voters that I would argue is similar to the kind of split that costs Presidencies to the Republican Party (too many candidates in a very small ring). Although there are a few other women in the race, they don’t have the celebrity status that Fluke would have brought to the table.  Greuel’s experience and current endorsements are giving her somewhat of an edge.

That being said, I think that this is a great example of women taking over positions of power.  Anyone with eyes can see what a male dominated world politics is and we’re finally starting to see women – not just one, but many – who want to stand up and say that we need some real representation, too.  Does this mean that I want every spot in Congress to be held by a woman?  No.  Would I only vote for a woman because of our shared gender?  Of course not.  But I am definitely interested in seeing people who are willing to put up a fight for my specific needs as a female and I would argue that only another female who has experienced what I experience can do that.

Now we just have to make sure she’s not another Sarah Palin and I’ll be a happy camper.