December 9, 2022
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Carrot Vending Machines?

%image_alt%Ok, so call me crazy and say it doesn’t have a place on a college blog, but let me just tell you that a high school in Cincinnati has installed…wait for it…a carrot vending machine in their school. Yes my friends, I said a carrot vending machine. Now what would possess an institution to do such a thing? Let’s take a journey, shall we, on this carrot insanity.

Well, the insane carrot vending machine is actually a part of national campaign to encourage healthier eating. A group of carrot growers, who call themselves A Bunch of Carrot Farmers (seriously, that’s their name), got together and created a campaign called Baby Carrots, Eat ‘Em Like They’re Junk Food. The carrots are packaged in junk food looking pouches and they even have an app for the iPhone. But this isn’t just any game. This game is powered by the sound of you crunching on carrots. Genius.

So, put carrots in a potato chip looking bag, throw it in a vending machine, and what do you get? Hopefully, for them and for us, you get more younger people eating things that are actually good for them. Not going to lie, it is kind of unfortunate that we have to use tactics like this, but hey, if it works, then power to A Bunch of Carrot Farmers. Not quite sure we will be seeing those on Ithaca College’s campus anytime soon, but head over to Syracuse and you might just be able to take a bite out of that campaign. (Ha….take a bite out of…good one, right?)

Karrut Kruunch – Carrot Song