December 3, 2022
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Catching Craze

%image_alt%Next time you go late night boozing and wish you had the stomach — and the courage — to finish that last half pint, save yourself the embarrassment. Russian design student Ivan Maximov offers a solution with his eco-friendly rebranding of the Mug Pub chain of football bars in Moscow. His revolutionary concept of take-out beer, which features cardboard mugs and lids in a carryout box “Made with courage,” is greening even the darkest and stormiest of booze. To-go beer will make it easier for those who can’t get enough bubbly with stickered lids, labeling both the brew and the date it was filled. This new innovation could transform the meaning of takeout — and give interns who want to schmooze employers a one-up on those still stuck in the days of coffee runs.

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