December 3, 2022
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Celebrity Oops!

After taking hits to its ego with Jay-Z’s rising fame, skate-clothing company Volcom is suing the rapper’s record label for its branding. The company claims Roc Nation’s diamond-shaped logo is too similar to Volcom’s “stone” symbol, which it trademarked in 1991. Fearful of market drops and brand confusion, the apparel company is pressuring the label to stop using its 2009 logo and to destroy merchandise with diamond detailing. The big shot ultimately ignored the cease and desist requests, which could cause extra legal trouble. Adding to his “99 Problems,” Hova is also facing an investigation from the NBA after violating league rules by entering the University of Kentucky’s men’s basketball team’s dressing room. If he’s found guilty, Jay-Z could be slapped with a $30,000 fine. Just because you throw diamonds in the sky doesn’t mean you can’t follow the rules, Jiggaman.

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