April 1, 2023
Ithaca, NY | 43°F


Coffee Fiends Unite

Hi, my name is Meagan McGinnes and I have a problem: I am a coffee addict. I love caffeine. Let’s be real: as a college student sleep is not really a priority. Coffee has become a trustworthy and loyal friend, always there to give me a needed boost when I’m crashing. However, you never know when the crash is going to hit you. So I run to the nearest coffee cart and buy a cup-of -joe in one of the throwaway containers. Or worse, I flee to Mac’s and buy a Starbucks Double Shot- the big can clearly.

Green Change #2: Only purchase coffee in a reusable cup. Otherwise, suffer in silence.

Good thing I am a girl and I love large obnoxious purses; it is the perfect place for me to always keep my reusable coffee mug for those emergency caffeine situations. All the coffee carts on campus allow for you to use your own cup. Just look at the bottom to know the size, and that’s what they will charge you for. Super easy.