April 1, 2023
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Color Blocking

Marc Jacobs’ “Bob’s Memphis Trip” color blocking top handle satchels

Like many other fashionistas, I love Marc Jacobs. My latest obsession with his creations? His color blocking satchels in bright, punchy tones. Color blocking has been slowly trending for the past couple of seasons, and especially with the recent 60s and 70s revival, vintage inspired color blocking has been especially popular. These satchels are a perfect example of how to do color blocking in a modern and wearable way – the colors are bright, but not gaudy and the two colors belong to the same families; blue and green are cool, orange and pink are warm. Another key principle of color blocking is to keep the rest of your outfit simple; see how the handbags have a simple, classic design and minimal hardware? Whether with accessories or with outfits, color blocking is an easy way to create a festive look this holiday season.

Color blocking on the runway