December 9, 2022
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Come On Down to ‘Car Horns And More!’

When comedian Jenny Slate joined the cast of SNL last year, I was a bit skeptical. I had only seen her on random commentary sections of VH1’s “I Love The 70s” and hadn’t heard much of her standup comedy (though she’s quite the hit in the Brooklyn late-night comedy scene).
Now, Slate has proven herself several times on the show and also played my new favorite SNL character in a hilarious skit. “New Car Horns” is a skit that aired a few weeks ago on SNL and since then has already gotten a revival featuring Slate and then host Gabourey Sidibe from the movie “Precious.” Though most of the skit’s humor comes from pre-recorded car horn sounds (voiced by Slate herself), and not the usual physical or overly satirical comedy seen in most recent SNL skits, the effect is still great.
Watch Slate’s facial expressions as the horns are played, too. Classic.