February 7, 2023
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Cool classes to consider!

So I know registration just happened, but in these next few weeks we will al still be adding and dropping classes, as well as filling out override forms. If you find yourself looking to fill a few more credits, consider some of the interesting environmental classes offered at IC.

I took Sustainability Principles and Practices first semester. It focuses on the policies and the social aspects of sustainability. We even took part in the Game Day Challenge, competing against other schools to have more sustainable football games.

Environmental Ethics is also a great class. I am going to try to take it next fall because it didn’t fit into my schedule, but the professor is supposed to be really knowledgeable and amazing!  It is a great combination of philosophy and environmental studies.

If you are interested in politics, try Environmental Politics. If you are more interested in finding out about the general environmental problems we are facing globally today, try The Environmental Crisis.

There are so many other great ones too, so give it a try!