January 31, 2023
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Crazed U2 Fanatic Pleads Boston’s Case

As of late, my friends, classmates and Facebook newsfeed have had to endure my endless speculation as to U2’s summer touring plans. This leg of their incredibly epic 360˚ Tour is now happening this summer instead of last summer due to Bono’s unfortunate back injury. My friend and I have had tickets to their Philadelphia show for almost a year now and are still planning on making the trip from Rhode Island to see them.

Problem: there is no Boston date on this tour.

To me, this is a major problem and one that should be remedied as soon as possible by the band and their manager, Paul McGuinness. As lucky as I am to be seeing them once, I’d like to make it the summer to remember by seeing them in my favorite city. Hopefully this will occur if they announce a date at Fenway Park. Here is my reasoning of why it is imperative that a Boston date be added to the tour:

  1. The band is hitting other major cities that are relatively close to Boston (New York, Philadelphia, Toronto and Pittsburgh)
  2. Boston was the city that basically introduced the United States to U2 after their groundbreaking show at Paradise Rock Club (one of my favorite venues)
  3. This year will be the 30th anniversary of that show.
  4. They filmed their Elevation Tour video in Boston
  5. This year will be the ten year anniversary of that show

These are just a few of the reasons why I believe Bostonians wishes will be granted. However, until any news, if any, is released, I will continue to check U2.com on an hourly basis.