January 31, 2023
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Discovery, Discovery: araabMUZIK

%image_alt%It’s not often I get to write about an artist that hails from my home state of Rhode Island, so this is going to be a bit refreshing. Providence hip-hop producer araabMUZIK has been getting some serious looks lately after dropping his own album, “Electronic Dream.”


araabMUZIK’s album steps away from raw hip-hop to pump out some club-friendly electro jams. The LP works cohesively as a gapless album and is meant to be played all the way through, not in skips and jumps. For this reason, listening on streaming services with ads can be a bit disjointing. Much like Akon’s jail door slam, araabMUZIK has developed his own sonic calling card with animatronics announcing, “you are now listening to araabMUZIK.” While this gets a bit annoying when listening to the album, it’s understood that if this were played in a club, the calling card would be useful.


Click below to discover araabMUZIK’s “I Remember” off the deluxe version of “Electronic Dream.”