December 7, 2022
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I cannot, unfortunately, take credit for the oh-so-punny title of today’s post. The word is used on the website for EARonic iPhone cases ($20) by CollabCubed. Basically, this product involves ears being photographed actual-size and put onto iPhone cases. Although I really don’t think ears are the most attractive thing in the world, this idea is actually kind of awesome (yeah, for once something I’m telling you about gets the stamp of approval).

I’ve seen a lot of iPhone cases in my day. Unfortunately, none of them belong to me, seeing as I don’t have an iPhone. As a matter of fact, I’m temporarily sporting a flip phone that — don’t faint — doesn’t even have a camera. Yeah. It’s pretty scary. But I still can admire and diss various iPhone cases I come across in my daily life. But I can’t say I’m a fan of the trend where all iPhone cases have to look like you bedazzled them with your mom. Rhinestones are cool and all, but… well no, they really have no redeeming qualities.

At least these cases show some sort of innovation. I’m all for ’em. Large, small, pierced and ready for action, these ear-tastic cases are sure to get people talking. My only question is this: Are you supposed to get an ear that matches your own body ’cause it looks radical, or should you just go crazy and get one that’s obviously not your ear because it’s hilarious? I guess that choice is yours.