March 24, 2023
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Genetically Modified Crops

Using technology to genetically engineer crops is shaking up the biological world. It is also rapidly changing our food system without most Americans even understanding the ramifications of these changes. However, these changes are being made in the name to increase food supply for impoverished Third World countries.

Even with this good cause, are the risks and moral controversies worth it?

The first issue is the patenting of life. Our founding father’s thought the patenting of life, including seeds, was immoral. Now with the patenting, whoever controls the seeds controls the food. Currently, local farmers are being sued for having patented seeds growing in their fields, but with the nature of seed dispersal it is impossible to control where the seeds blow in the wind.  Furthermore, the chemicals used may interfere with ecospheres and health issues are still unknown.

Even though the food is supposed to be to help fight hunger, I am still against GMO crops because there is enough food in the world. It is not correctly distributed. Bringing more food into the mix won’t fix anything if the distribution process is not altered.

What do you think?