March 21, 2023
Ithaca, NY | 35°F



The Environmental Leadership Action Network is an organization at Ithaca College devoted to promoting environmental justice through action.  This is the same organization that started the movement in February to combat Facebook’s use of coal. The group will continue their fight against coal on April 2nd outside of Milliken station in Lansing, New York.

Ithaca is known to be a very, hippie, love-the-earth town. However, our reputation of being environmentally friendly is somewhat false.  Most of the city’s energy is from coal, specifically from Milliken Station. In a press release statement, ELAN said,

“The Milliken coal plant is polluting our air, the coal we mine to run the station is creating acid rain and redistributing hot water into Cayuga Lake, which might disrupt ecosystems. We understand that Milliken has taken lengths to become more environmentally friendly, but financial difficulties have made that more difficult. Milliken has two boilers and still only has one scrubber to filter out hazardous elements/materials.”

If you can get to Lansing, I really encourage everyone to help support ELAN in their great cause. If Ithaca wants to claim to be “green”, lets make them be accountable.