December 9, 2022
Ithaca, NY | 33°F


Goodbye North Face, hello stylish outerwear!

Ciao Ithacans! As I write this, the view outside my window is of the beautiful night skyline of Milan, one of the fashion capitals of the world. This semester, I’ll be blogging live from Italy, with the latest updates on fashion from a country known for its distinctive style.

The weather’s been chilly here in Milan, much colder than I had earlier anticipated and so consequently I had to purchase a new coat while I was here it is however, not anywhere near freezing temperatures like it is in Ithaca. And I’m glad that I could buy a new coat while I was here because even though it’s cold, the Milanese don’t sacrifice style. Instead of the ubiquitous North Face fleece, there are beautiful pea coats, wool coats and outerwear ranging from capes to A-lines. Snow boots and Uggs aren’t common, while tall leather boots and suede desert walkers are the shoes of choice for braving wet and cold cobblestone streets. And accessories are a must – felt berets, lush infinity scarves, leather gloves and chic frames (glasses seem to be especially en vogue here – it’s hipster heaven!) are seen on the majority of people on the street.Without fail, every ride on the metro stop is another chance to observe the great street style of Milan that never seems to stop, despite cold weather and the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

For the Milanese, there’s a term called “bella figura,” which is basically behaving in a “beautiful” manner while they’re out in public. Public presentation is definitely an important part of this, and because of that, the Milanese are well-dressed everyday. It’s a concept that Americans could learn from, and isn’t terribly hard to adopt. For starters, we can change the way we brave the cold. Resist the urge to tumble out of bed on cold mornings to put on your Uggs and fleece jacket. Take a few minutes to put together a more polished outfit, whether it’s adding a chic hat or pulling on your pea coat; layering is both cozy and stylish – just because there are freezing temperatures outside doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice style this winter.

Ciao from Milan, one of the world’s fashion capitals