October 5, 2022
Ithaca, NY | 50°F


Happy Earth Day!

Helllllooooo everyone! What a day to attend to the eco blog. Sorry for my disappearance, finals time gets crazy! But as you may know, today is EARTH DAY! No it does not mean that the Earth was created today, but it does mean that we celebrate this amazing place that we are fortunate to have! I personally am thankful for interesting creatures like the sugar glider, pigmy monkey, and angler fish. But today let’s show our thanks for this great planet and its life by recognizing the day. Turn off your lights, don’t waste water, recycle, do anything you can! And it doesn’t have to stop today. Let’s continue this mindset, shall we?

One cool thing that happened today is that the Huffington Post released their list of the Greenest Colleges…guess who’s photo is numero uno?? That’s right…Ithaca College! I was pretty pumped to see that. With our LEED buildings, dedicated and enthusiastic students, and new energy efficient dorms, it’s no wonder we are there. Other colleges on the list were Arizona State, Duke, U. of California, Middlebury, and Yake, among others! So one more time…KUDOS…to all the schools that made it there. And even to those who didn’t. Keep up the good work! Happy Earth Day!

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