December 2, 2022
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Head’s Up: Looking at Fall Hair Trends

This fall, hair trends are reflecting the hippie, 70s-ish vibes seen in fall collections. Long, beachy and bohemian hair. I’m rather partial to this trend since I’ve always been a sucker for long hair but, alas, can’t participate in it because I unwisely and impulsively decided to cut off 9 inches of hair last November (and for the record, I’m still reaping the consequences of short-awkward length-triangular hair. But that’s beside the point.) Anyways, hair trends for lovely long-haired ladies are natural and flowing. Throw out damaging flat-irons and hair dryers and instead use some salt spray to create beachy, textured waves. A lot of styles are also trending to the side: parts, bangs, and ponytails/braids. A loosely braided side plait is the perfect accompaniment to the cozy, easy elegance of this fall’s looks.


However, while, roughed-up, textured hair scream chic bohemia, hair feather extensions do not. If there’s one fall trend that truly terrifies me, it’s feather extensions. You are not a bird, so WHY are there feathers in your hair? Plus, they get bedraggled and gross (kind of like those icky hair wraps that everyone had in elementary school…yes, even in first grade, I had discretionary tastes…)  Unless you want to keep it trashy classy like Ke$ha, ditch the feather extensions and spring for a pair of feather earrings. While I’m still not keen on the whole feather trend, at least the earrings are easily removed.