November 30, 2022
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Hot or Not

Flying Squirrel

If the flying squirrel has made it this far in the competition, the candidate deserves the crown. Going out on a real limb to propose such a strange creature for the college’s mascot, the three designers created a fun and furry friend who seems to generate excitement at its mere thought. As long as the college is prepared for the intense Bomber bashing it’s bound to get on the football field, the rodent-bat critter is unlike any other. Plus, it would require a new level of creativity and Bomber pride to combat Cortaca Jug T-shirts that read, “Suck on these nuts.”


In a close second for the mascot title is the mythical phoenix. With inspiration for this design coming from Ithaca’s Greek origins, the bird aims to represent the spirit of the campus community. With a Facebook group protesting the original design, students are turning down the heat of this fiery bird by proposing Ice Phoenix, which would more accurately depict a creature native to the tundra. While the bird is strong and resilient, it conjures up whimsical imagery. The phoenix may be better suited for the college’s Harry Potter Alliance whose Quidditch games display all the pride and sacrifice of the wizardry world.

Lake Monster

The college could not get any further from reality with its proposal for an aquatic monster. While the lake beast pays homage to a Cayuga Lake legend of locals claiming to have spotted “Old Greeny,” the story of the serpent-like creature does not resonate with students from across the nation who study in Ithaca but are not native to the region. The lake beast proposal is far more apt for a 21st-century revamp of the original Godzilla than for a figure to bolster school spirit.

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