December 9, 2022
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Hot or Not

Assistant Accent Editor Shea O’Meara ranks the best and worst new TV shows for the upcoming fall season.


“New Girl”

Leaving the manicured and fashionable babes from shows like “Pretty Little Liars” and “Gossip Girl” behind, “New Girl” pulls from the popularity of down-to-earth stars like “Easy A”’s Emma Stone and “Juno”’s Ellen Page. The new FOX series follows Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel), a socially awkward 20-something who moves into a small loft with three single — and sexy — men. After maintaining friendships with mostly women, Jess must learn to talk to the boys she’s sharing a bathroom with. While the cast of “Mean Girls” may be inclined to tell her she “doesn’t even go here,” Deschanel’s quirky charm is likely to make her the “It Girl” of FOX’s fall season.


“Charlie’s Angels”

After donning leather and high heels to star in the 2000 film version of the 1976 series “Charlie’s Angels,” Drew Barrymore is back on set as an executive producer for the newest batch of beautiful angels. The ABC series doesn’t stray far from the decades-old story line, and presents three best friends who have a knack for getting the bad guys. The new angels are more like the edgy character Barrymore played in “Full Throttle,” as each woman is led to Charlie because of a mysterious or criminal background. While the show promises the same action-filled adventure that made the original series and movie must-sees, it fails to offer enough of a new twist to sustain the old plot.


“The Playboy Club”

NBC’s “The Playboy Club” is the newest addition to a collection of oversexed and clichéd Playboy-inspired television shows. And it’s already overstayed its welcome before even airing a first episode. Set in ’60s Chicago, the show follows playboy Nick Dalton (Eddie Cibrain), one of the city’s most powerful attorneys, through his romantic conquests. The show’s attempt to be seductive is overstated and overshadowed by the popular reality TV series “The Girls Next Door” and subsequent spin-offs.

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