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Hot or not

Accent Editor Whitney Faber rates the scandalous couples over the seasons of the CW drama “Gossip Girl.”

Blair and Chuck

This devilish duo is back again, and all that can be said is it’s about time. Like Romeo and Juliet, these two are simply destined to be together. Though their relationship may prove to be just as destructive as the star-crossed lovers of the past, they remain a perfect match. They’re both conniving, power-seeking snobs, and there can be no one else for either of them. Besides, there’s something about combining two horrible people that makes them seem sweet and good — think Bonnie and Clyde on the Upper East Side. Though they’ve just decided to take a break, they will inevitably keep coming back to each other.

Serena and Nate

Both ridiculously gorgeous and obscenely rich, Serena and Nate are that high school couple everyone loves to hate. They’re cute, they’re sweet, and they make most people want to vomit. Then again what would school be like without them? Though the two are separated for now, it’s just a matter of time before they end up together again in the future. After all, between their secret hookup when Nate was still in a relationship with Blair to dating last season, these two have way too much history together to be completely finished. Hopefully these two will be able to XOXO their problems goodbye and get back together.

Serena and Dan

There’s one fact that most cultures around the world seem to agree on — siblings should not date. It’s just wrong. Granted these two are step-siblings, and they do get a little bit of leeway because they originally dated before their parents were married, but the principle still stands. No one wants to see Angelina Jolie smooching with her brother, and certainly no one wants to see Dan and Serena back together. While the story twist is tempting considering the two were the hottest couple of the first season, that time has passed. When it comes to this relationship, Lonely Boy needs to remain just that.

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