November 26, 2022
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Hot or Not


Jennifer Lopez
Gone are the days of Paula Abdul’s sloppy interviews, outrageous outfits and contestant scandals. Latina pop-queen Jennifer Lopez is one hot chiquita who is stunning “Idol” viewers and contestants alike with her glamour, poise and panache. However, J. Lo had a little too much compassion toward first-round
auditionees. Lacking Simon Cowell’s frankness and British wit, this diva had a hard time saying no. Luckily she toughened up by round two, displaying real heart — even shedding some tears — and sending on only worthy vocalists to Hollywood. J. Lo’s style and sincerity are definitely a breath of fresh air for “Idol.”


Steven Tyler
The rock legend of Aerosmith is definitely the comedian on this Idol panel. His outrageous comments and sexual innuendos definitely push the envelope a bit, especially those aimed at female contestants inquiring about costume “jujubees on the oooobies.” And while his celebrity impersonations are not much cleaner, they are quite hysterical. Not forgetting panelists of Idol’s past, Tyler noticeably displays some of Cowell’s flirtatiousness — though far less tasteful — and Abdul’s drifting mind. As a true rock star, Tyler can also pull off the morning-after getup.


Randy Jackson
Still looking for some “dawgs” to pack the pound, Jackson has nothing fresh to bring to “Idol” this season — other than his nearly shirtless showcase during one of the first auditions. While he seems to settle in nicely with his new co-panelists, as he did with former judges Abdul and Cowell, Jackson has ultimately taken the backseat. He tends to agree with his co-panelists, hardly opposing the others or asserting his own opinions. With J.Lo’s glam and Tyler’s nonsensical comments outshining him, Jackson is far less entertaining than in previous seasons.

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