December 2, 2022
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Hot or Not: Fall Legging Styles

Assistant Accent Editor Alexandra Evans discusses the newest legwear styles — from the subtly sexy to the obnoxious.

Biker-inspired leggings

This fall’s designs are all about trading in plain spandex for something a bit edgier. The designs commonly found on motorcycle clothing — zippers, patches and buttons — have met leggings. One popular style has netted patches on the knees like the ones found on real motorcycle pants and jackets. Some have zippers that extend from the bottom of the calf to the ankle, which instantly adds some sex appeal if worn with heels. Pair some of these leggings with a leather jacket and you’re ready to look legit jumping on the back of a hot guy’s motorcycle.

Leggings with holes

Holey clothes can transform the conservative, full-sleeve dress dad wants you to wear to the family reunion dinner into an edgy yin and yang outfit fit for bar-hopping. Clothing with holes adds a touch of personality to even the most mundane fabric. But rather than scattered holes of different sizes positioned to create a random “Oh I just fell into a rock pile and broke my bottle of whiskey” look, these leggings feature same-sized holes placed equidistant from each other to create a beehive effect — and they kind of make your legs look like they’ve got a tropical disease.


Whoever thought to combine denim and leggings was probably someone who likes to mock fat people. No one except the thin women of the world can pull off jeggings, and unfortunately it’s the non-thin people of the world who have been clearing them off the shelves. This is because jeggings are like the ultimate denim for people who can’t fit properly into skinny jeans because of the buttons and zippers and lack of stretch. But behold: jeggings have no buttons and no zippers, so they can be pulled over just as easily as spandex. But even thin people shouldn’t wear them, because at the end of the day, jeggings just look like a cheaply made alternative to jeans.