October 6, 2022
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Hot or Not: This Fall’s Reality Shows

Assistant Photo Editor Kelsey O’Connor rates the newest and returning reality shows — from entertaining to laughable.

Cupcake Wars
This delectable show on the Food Network takes sweet treats to a whole new level in a ‘cupcake vs. cupcake’ showdown. Four bakers from around the country compete each week, creating unique cupcakes that look and sound absolutely delicious, such as the Southern Red Velvet Cupcake. Some even go to odd extremes with creations such as the Strawberry and Bacon Breakfast Cupcake. The real treat? These little delights can win the top baker $10,000 and a winning gig to display their cupcakes. Just be sure to watch this show on a full stomach, because even through the TV screen, these scrumptious snacks will leave anyone’s mouth watering.

Jersey Shore
If the last season of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” didn’t have enough fist pumping, partying and catfights, don’t worry. There’s even more this season to get caught up in. This season, “The Situation,” Pauly D, Snooki and the rest of the guidos and guidettes don’t actually return to the Jersey Shore, but instead bring their drama to Miami. While the shore will always be missed on a show that gets its title from its setting, there is enough fighting and drama in this season to make up for it. Overall, it’s pretty much the same mindless drama as before that makes viewers feel like they have dropped a few IQ points just from watching. But, boy, it is a guilty pleasure.

Reality TV has sunk to an all-time low with E!’s new show “Bridalplasty,” in which newly engaged women compete to win plastic surgery for the big day. In this oh-so-classy new show, brides-to-be do all the activities that come along with organizing a wedding, like writing vows and planning an incredible honeymoon. Women are voted off one by one by fellow brides. In the end, the winner will get to choose a type of surgery from her “wish list.” Who knew brides just need some lipo and a nose job to become “the perfect bride?”