November 30, 2022
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I Hear Green Is the New Black.

Clothes help us express our individuality. They change depending on our mood. A shirt we like one day, we might detest the next. Or, God forbid we put on a few pounds and we need to buy new clothes to fit this new body type. With our wardrobes constantly expanding, it makes me wonder about the materials being used. The textile industry is known to be unsustainable throughout history. Is there a middle ground where we can have our fashion and help the environment too?

Oh yes there is! (

The stores listed in the link use all organic materials. Pretty sweet huh?

In 2006 and beyond, world income and population growth has stimulated a 4.5 billion pound increase in global fiber demand each year. That means enough fiber is needed for nearly 9 billion tee shirts or 2.3 billion pairs of denim jeans. And the main alternatives to cotton are non-renewable chemical fibers. Organic cotton is important because nonorganic cotton uses a lot of chemicals and pesticides, which are clearly harmful to the environment. The solution is clear: ask questions about the materials in which your clothing is being made. Buy fro eco-friendly designers, and look better than ever.