March 22, 2023
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I love seeing cigarette butts all over the ground…

New York smokers have less than 90 days before the New York Smoking ban is in effect. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday signed into law an expansion of the smoking ban, giving smokers ninety days to light up in the city’s parks and beaches.  This is due to growing health concerns about secondhand smoke and effects of cigarette litter on the environment. Residents can still smoke along sidewalks, pedestrian routes beside vehicular traffic, parking lots and during stage performances. Did you know that cigarette related litter accounts for 75% of trash on beaches and a third of all liter in parks? This is a huge feat for environmentalists of New York State to have legislation supporting this important ideal of a cleaner planet. It is great that it is realized not only is littering difficult and expensive, but it is also unhealthy and ugly. Props to New York!