February 7, 2023
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Installment Eight: The New Semester

Confession: I was apprehensive and little afraid to start this semester. Having finally warmed and welcomed Ithaca as my second home, the thought of returning to my true home for five long (and wonderful) weeks was both exhilarating and daunting. I often speculated with my friends how difficult it would be to return and resume the role of a student after spending five weeks as a daughter and “child”. To my surprise, it was not at all difficult. Last semester was spent forming relationships and friendships that transcended academics. Coming back to Ithaca to a group of friends lessened the discomfort and uncertainty a new semester (and certainly my first spring semester) can bring. Granted, my classes also offer a heavier course load so the majority of my time is spent working through pages of reading, devoid of thoughts of home. Coupled with my on-campus job (shoutout to PPECS), I am truly feeling like a college student this semester as opposed to last. Maybe this is because of my friends, and certainly this is because of my classes. Nevertheless, I am happy with being busy. I have always loved having a task ahead of me and a purpose—whether that be reading about the sociological imagination or checking twenty tripods to ensure the legs withstand pressure. Tasks give me focus, determination, and drive. Crossing them off my to-do list guarantees an immediate sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Personally, I predict this semester will be filled with satisfaction (albeit a high level of stress), and I look forward to crossing not just academic tasks off my list. Attending a Cornell hockey game, walking through a snow blanketed campus (if that ever happens), watching the Oscars and ordering takeout, and having my best friend visit me are events I look forward to and anxiously await. One often hears about college memories, and this semester I plan to make a lot.