February 3, 2023
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Installment Seven: The Conclusion of My First Semester

Even as I sit down to write this last article, I am shocked at how quickly this semester passed. Everyone told me college would go by quickly, but I think to that homesick girl at the beginning of the semester who shrugged off that advice, and am proud (and admittedly surprised) to see how far I have come. Starting off this school year I was afraid of dwelling in my negative emotions and squandering the opportunities I knew were crucial to a memorable and successful college experience. However, my stubborn personality pushed me to put myself in situations outside my comfort zone.

Within the course of the semester, I lip-synced to “Don’t Stop Me Now” in front of a crowd of people. I attended Taco Tuesday donning a taco costume and sombrero to surprise my friend who is in his last semester at Ithaca. I participated in an advertising conference in New York City which exposed me to the professional world and the multitude of jobs I could one day have, and I was a field cohost for a cooking show with the help of a uproarious and supportive crew. While these are only a selection of the memories I have made, I can’t help but think how drastically different my experience would have been if I did not possess the determination to change my somewhat introverted ways. Not only would I not have had these experiences, I would not have made the friends who have made my first semester fun, interesting, somewhat wild, and memorable.

In high school I was very close to my family and depended on them to provide conversation, entertainment, and company. However, at school, I did not have this luxury. Yes, I speak to my parents often, but when it reaches Friday night, I have to search for friends and make plans for myself. Thanks to the people I have met and relationships I have formed, I never have to search for company for long. As the New year approaches and I am at home waiting for my final grades, I am missing my friends at Ithaca and reflecting back upon my memories and smiling. This is my biggest accomplishment thus far, for if you told this to that girl in September, I would have doubted I would ever experience the friendship, support, and happiness I have had at Ithaca.