November 30, 2022
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It’s More Than Just Water Bottles

You always hear people saying to not buy bottled water because of the plastic bottles. As true of a statement this is, we tend to forget that more than just water comes in these plastic bottles. Yet, we are not looked down upon if we are waking around with a Gatorade or Diet Coke bottle from the vending machines.

Green Challenge #3: Abstain from using any type of plastic bottle for my beverage of choice.

As stated in blogs before, I’m a caffeine addict so I like a Coke Zero or an Arizona Ice Tea usually around midday when I’m crashing. This week however, I just brought my stainless steel water bottle to the dining hall with me and filled it up there. What is good is that I’m not wasting my ID Express on a vending machine when clearly we already paid the college a ton of money for a meal plan.

And for the water, I just fill my water bottle up at the dining hall or at the water fountain. I don’t think it really tastes any different. If you really are die hard for filtered water, the Brita water filters come in all different sizes to fit in whatever fridge you may have. In the end it will also save you money because instead os spending $1.75 for each drink, the only thing you will be paying for is a replacement filter every 6 weeks or so.

So, I challenge you to join me in leaving the need for plastic behind. If we all stop using it, the demand will not be so high and less will be produced = happy environment.