October 6, 2022
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Just another post about Barneys

Barneys has just been full of delightful news this week – firstly, a Lady Gaga themed holiday workshop; could shopping get any fiercer than Mother Monster? Now, I’ve discovered that they just opened up a new “CO-OP” space called “Boy Meets Girl,” which basically means that the men’s and women’s department have joined forces so you can go shopping in the same part of the store with your boyfriend. Or your friend that is a boy. Or vice versa – girlfriend, girl that is a friend…

Jannuzzi and Medine enjoying themselves at Barneys’ new co-op, “Boy Meets Girl”

However, the number one reason why I’m so happy that they opened up this new section is because they made a promotional video featuring my favoritest style bloggers EVER, Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller and Textbook’s John Januzzi (remember the whole post I devoted to his Tumblr?!?); the two of them basically went shopping in Boy Meets Girl and dressed each other. It was cute (possible new blogger couple? Except that would rather defeat the purpose of Medine’s blog), but you should watch it yourself and decide if it’s as adorable as I think it was (I’ve linked everything for you!)

 Then you should check out their witty blogs, because really, that’s why I’m obsessed with them. It’s not just because they’re impeccably well-dressed (although they are) – it’s because they can write about Dries Van Noten and Oscar de la Renta with all due reverence and still produce a chuckle.