January 31, 2023
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Just be easy…

Nobody says “trollop” in real life. And the last time I checked, dress codes at most high schools prevented girls from showing up to class in stripper lingerie and laced tops. But apparently, the fictitious high school that the new film “Easy A” takes place in allows for this and so much more. In this movie, “trollop” is used as an actual diss and when main character Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone) decides to embrace a promiscuous persona that didn’t exist in her world, no one really seems to mind. Well, people mind, but not in the way you’d think. %image_alt%

The movie centers on Olive’s progressive decline into false slut-dom when a rumor spreads that she slept with a college student. The rumor was never true, but it catapults Olive into a whirlwind of more lies. Guys start approaching her to fake sleeping with them, upping their popularity. Sounds like a silly premise, but it actually makes for a hilarious movie. Of course, “Easy A” rides on the coattails of high school-centric films like “Mean Girls.” It even tries to copy some of those themes, to dismissible results. But what separates this movie from others is its inventive plot. It doesn’t follow a standard “girl meets guy, girl looses guy and friends, girl does something redeeming and still doesn’t have the same reputation, but gets the guy” storyline.

Wait…it does. But it takes a cool spin on it. Here, we have a girl who is the center of all this ridicule and rumor stemming from an overheard bathroom conversation. Most classic movie characters would just spend the next hour and a half sulking over it. They’d call their best friend who would brush them off. They’d go to their parents — who, by the way are played marvelously by Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson — but that wouldn’t do much. Instead, Olive grabs the awkwardness of her situation, runs with it and ends up learning something about herself.

It’s not easy, but it works…