January 28, 2023
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Just Some Good News…

So I had the misfortune of getting very sick with a cold on Sunday after a wonderful weekend that I spent with a close friend who was visiting from her college. I am now in that stage where I feel better and my appetite has come back and I now I have strong urge to eat everything and I now have a pile of homework to make up but I’m blogging instead.

Today was a stressful mess. I was grumpy and sick. I missed part of class to vent to my mom about it all. I was walking back to my dorm when my phone rang.

And guess what…

Remember that time when I wrote about how I wanted to move to DC? Well, I’m moving to DC for the summer to complete a Civic Engagement Internship with a non-profit advocacy organization called Young People For where I will be helping with their blog and researching different leadership programs and campus activism. I am beyond excited.

And just like that my whole day turned around.

On the wall at the top of the stairs there is a picture of me when I was seven in a Washington DC sweatshirt. Embarrassing story time: when I was in second grade I brought my flat Stanley (ya’ll remember flat Stanley, right?) all over DC as a part of class assignment and I loved it.

NYFLC Monument

Years went by before I went back to DC just a few weeks ago and I forgot just how much I love it. I wanted to be back there and I’m doing it. I grew up in tiny town outside Albany, NY. When I went to go to college I wanted nothing more than to leave that tiny town (Sorry Mom and Dad) but I ended up in Ithaca, NY. Don’t get me wrong—I love Ithaca and the writing program that I am in. I am forever grateful for the experiences and opportunities I’ve had here. But I think after graduation my time in New York State will be up. I already have DC stored in the weather app on my phone.

This year has had its challenges but it has also had many rewards. I’ve worked so hard and I’m glad to see that it is starting to pay off.

All the best,