January 31, 2023
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Lessons from the cage!

“Promises, Promises,” the hit musical revival starring Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth, has been doing well on Broadway since its opening. The show is closing in just 5 weeks, so people are getting their final taste of the musical that hearkens to the story lines scene in shows like “Mad Men.” And sure, the big-name stars are a treat, but what about those background voices that keep the chorus strong all the way through?

Enter, the Orchestra Voices. These four dynamic divas have cooked up some videos offering people simple and useful life tips for just about any occasion. From “taking advantage of your friends is wrong” to “don’t stop at the top of the escalator,” these 1950s-reminiscent tidbits are a hilarious and fun way to push a point to a friend … lightly.

Try one out — you won’t regret it!