December 8, 2022
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Live Simply.

The buzz about the “green” movement has been bombarding us with full force the past few years.  Commercials and media call for “green” cleaning products and a “green” way of life, but many in our society cannot even give a correct definition of global warming or carbon footprints without Googling it. In simple terms, global warming is the average increase in temperature of the earth. Excess carbon dioxide is increasing this warming. Bye-bye ice caps; bye-bye polar bears. Many argue that through the greenhouse effect the Earth naturally warms and cools. So what’s the problem, right? The issue is the severity of the climate change.

So the solution is to cut our carbon emissions, therefore lessening our carbon footprint. How do we do that? As a self-declared environmentalist I think it is awesome that a single person can have an effect on the entire world. Yet many do not know where to begin. Through this blog my goal is to make my life more eco-friendly and green by making a single small change to my daily lifestyle once a week that in return will lessen my own carbon emissions. After, I’ll let you know how easy (or not so easy) the change was. Hopefully this will also inspire other readers to try a few of these modifications in their own daily routine. In my mind, everyone’s little eventually turns into a lot. And the world is a pretty great cause to invest extra time in. I mean I like it here… polar bears are pretty awesome too.

Okay, so let week one begin!!