December 8, 2022
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Natural Wildlife Federation

The Natural Wildlife Federation has released college campus case studies for sustainability now available online. It highlights the many sustainable changes Ithaca College has made over the recent years. I thought this was important to share because there is many sustainable actions taking place that I was unaware of until now. So based off of this site, DID YOU KNOW?! …

  1. In 2007- 2008, the college offered a course on environmental thought
  2. We have a “positive growth” sustainability initiative
  3. Our composting saves the college more than $10, 000 per year
  4. Ithaca owns three reserves under the Ithaca College Natural Lands Committee
  5. In 2009, the college revealed its plan to reduce kitchen energy bills by 30 percent and reduce its carbon footprint by 26 percent

I didn’t know, but now you do!

Here is the link if you want to compare Ithaca College to other schools throughout the nation.