November 29, 2022
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NY Stimulus Money Green In More Than One Way

With the $30 billion being given to the state of New York in federal stimulus money, it is easy to be anxious over how that money is going to be spent. However, according to the Environmental Advocates of New York a lot of good for the environment will be done with that money. Five billion dollars are already designated for green projects, but the city is doing even more.  The stimulus is providing $500 million to invest in improving the drinking water infrastructure, which in return will be protecting public health and the environment. Also, the money is being used to repair highways, creating 2,600 jobs. Some argue that the stimulus money pros are outweighed by the fact that the country is continuing to go further into debt because of it. Maybe this is true, yet at least the money is not being wasted but actually used to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly infrastructure and city. In the long run, being energy efficient will actually help pull us out of debt and reboot the economy.

Do you think the stimulus money is being spent wisely?