March 30, 2023
Ithaca, NY | 35°F


Oh the weather outside is…actually kind of nice?!

We all know Ithaca weather unpredictable. We got to take one day at a time. Someone  even told me last year she got a sunburn and it snowed in the same week. Super crazy.

This weekend is supposed to be upper 50’s though, which is basically tropical for us. While you are all out and about doing crazy college things, I challenge you to give this week’s green liestyle tip a try.

Walk to and from the commons instead of driving or taking the T-cat!

Yes there is a hill. But, this weekend I walked all the way back to campus with a group of friends. It was good exercise and FREE! So go on an adventure this weekend and try something new. I bet you’ll have at least one funny story come out of this walk that you and your group will laugh about for weeks to come. Have a great weekend everyone!