March 27, 2023
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On the Cuff

via Tommy Ton for GQ

During the month that I’ve called Milan home, I’ve noticed that its residents have excellent street style. Their apparel isn’t extremely trendy as much as it is cohesive. Their outfits go together from head to toe. One of the sartorial expressions that I love the most is cuffing pants. By cuffing pants slightly, it shows just enough sock and brings attention to the shoes. And you’ll rarely see white gym socks here – they’re usually prints, patterns or colors! The Tommy Ton image above is a perfect example of how to do cuffing correctly; not too high, not too low, wear a pair of neon socks to color block and pair with a pair of neutral suede kicks, nbd. Give it a try this spring – cuff your jeans, cords or trousers, add a pair of snazzy socks and finish off the outfit with a pair of awesome but neutral shoes for an outfit that will knock their socks off yes, I went there.