December 9, 2022
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Plants instead of pearls

Designer Colleen Jordan, who was a Featured Seller on the popular website Etsy, has come up with a new way to go green: “Wearable Planters.” You can wear a plant around your neck! As a fashion accessory! Oh, the things we can do in 2011.%image_alt%

No, but really — although I don’t know if I could see myself wearing something like this, I actually think it is a cool concept. Jordan says on her website that the idea came from the thought of creating something beautiful in plastic. Her designs allow you to wear a sprout or even a flower within a piece of jewelry. She sells earrings, necklaces and brooches with different plants in them. And a more “manly” option — lapel pins. Now that’s classy.

I’m curious though — what if your plant grows too big for your necklace? That’s kind of a bummer. C’est la vie, I suppose. Gotta move that sucker to the garden. Also, watering the plants while wearing them is probably a bad idea. Yeah…

Important to note: the plants are not included, so you have to go outside and find your own sprouts/flowers/etc.

It might look slightly odd, but if you’re down to try something different, why not don a sprout to accessorize your outfit Friday night? Perhaps use it as an icebreaker at at the next party you attend? How’s this for a good delivery: “Hey, check out this plant growing out of my earring.” Definitely a conversation starter.