March 27, 2023
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Quick Update: NYFLC!

I’m going to preface this post by saying that I am completely exhausted and a little bit delirious so I’ll make this quick update. I’m currently laying in a bed in a hotel room outside Washington, DC. I just spent the last two days at the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference attending intensive workshops and talking about social justice issues. The experience so far has been amazing and I have a page worth of ideas for future posts inspired by what I’ve learned here. So be on the lookout for reflections and other posts that I will write when my brain is functioning a little better.

Right now I’m just comfortable in my bed but I’m enjoying this moment. I’m physically tired but I’m buzzing on what I’ve learned today. I have real, tangible ideas for change that I want to accomplish on campus and issues that I want to organize around. I now have a plan and an end goal in mind for what I want to do with the research I am doing at The Advocacy Center. I met others who are as passionate as I am and who want to work together. It was a great day.

I’m writing this slightly nonsensical, jumbled post and putting it out into the world because I want to remember this feeling, this energy, this strong desire to organize for change and a future where we don’t have to fight so hard for basic rights and equality. I want to keep this momentum going and I think encapsulating it here is a good place to start.

In certain areas of my hotel I can see the outline of monuments in DC in the distance. I can see the faint silhouette of a place where I hope to end up someday in the somewhat near future. I’m definitely getting closer to where I want to be eventually, but right I’m now I’m incredibly grateful for my undergraduate experience where I have the opportunity to do things like this.

I’m going to end things on that positive note and head to bed because I’m very tired and have been going nonstop since Thursday. Look forward to more posts on the conference and other things I’ve learned here. Goodnight!


All the best,