January 28, 2023
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Remembrance of Super Bowls Past

Ever notice how you can remember exactly where you were doing in a given year just by looking back at a really big event or holiday? That’s kind of how the Super Bowl is for me. I’ve watched it every year since 1997 and while some games have been more fun than others, they’ve all left a lasting impression. Now seems as good a time as any to take a look back at some of those games. Feel free to share your favorite Super Bowl memories in the comments below.

Super Bowl XXXI-Packers vs Patriots-apparently I was one of the only kids in my kindergarden class to correctly predict the winner of this game. Technically, this is actually the first football game I can remember watching, although I had to go to bed at halftime.

Super Bowl XXXII-Broncos vs Packers-having predicted Green Bay’s triumph the year before, I kept my Super Bowl prediction streak alive by choosing Denver to win this game. I don’t think I understood how big a deal it was for John Elway to finally win the Big Game at the time but it was still fun to watch.

Super Bowl XXXIII-Broncos vs Falcons-this is the year my prediction streak finally ended. Turns out the whole “choose the underdog” strategy isn’t the best idea when the underdog’s starting QB is Chris Chandler.

Super Bowl XXXIV-Rams vs Titans-this was a pretty thrilling game at the time, what with Kurt Warner putting on an amazing performance and the Rams stopping Kevin Tyson from scoring a crucial TD with no time left on the clock. Now that I’m a Buffalo Bills fan, it’s also satisfying since the Titans reached the game in part by using a controversial lateral to knock the Bills out of the playoffs, to which they have yet to return.

Super Bowl XXXV-Ravens vs Giants-strangely enough, in addition to being a Bills fan, I’m a Giants fan as well so this is easily one of my least favorite games. As good as the Ravens defense was this year and as great a running back tandem as the Ravens had in Jamal Lewis and Priest Holmes, there’s no way the Giants should have been able to lose to a team quarterbacked by Trent Dilfer, who wasn’t even good enough to start for the Ravens the season after he won the Super Bowl. Needless to say, I was stunned for weeks.

Super Bowl XXXVI-Patriots vs Rams-it seems funny now to think that I actually rooted for the Patriots, given how much misery they’ve given the Bills in the past decade. But at the time, they were serious underdogs and Tom Brady didn’t resemble Jordan Bieber so I was actually quite happy when Adam Vinatieri kicked that game winning field goal.

Super Bowl XXXVII-Buccaneers vs Raiders-this has to be the worst Super Bowl I’ve ever seen. The winning team had way more stars on defense than offense, the Raiders barely put up a fight and the game was long over before the 4th quarter. For some reason, I hadn’t completed all of my math homework before the game began and I can’t say I’m all that angry at my mom for making me do it.

Super Bowl XXXVIII-Patriots vs Panthers-for a game the Patriots only won by three points, this wasn’t all that interesting. Oh yeah, I was in the kitchen grabbing corn chips during the halftime show when Janet Jackson was performing.

Super Bowl XXXVIX-Patriots vs Eagles-I’m fairly sure this is the game where I really started getting sick of Tom Brady.

Super Bowl XL-Steelers vs Seahawks-for the first time in four years, I honestly enjoyed the game more than the commercials, though I’m sure Seattle fans would disagree with me there.

Super Bowl XLI-Colts vs Bears-in retrospect, this game wasn’t as good as I remembered, even with Devin Hester’s kickoff return TD. Still, the thriller of an AFC Championship Game between Indy and New England more than made up for that one.

Super Bowl XLII-Giants vs Patriots-I STILL have to pinch myself sometimes just to convince myself that this actually happened. Walking into school the next day was pretty awesome too, though probably not as awesome as it was for my cousin who at the time was a freshman at Amherst College, smack dab in the middle of Patriots territory.

Super Bowl XLIII-Steelers vs Cardinals-my last Super Bowl at home before college and a good one, though I would have liked the Cardinals to win.

Super Bowl XLIV-Saints vs Colts-there was nothing quite as awesome as being in Emerson Suites with at least half the campus when Saints coach Sean Payton called for an onside kick to begin the second half. Except maybe being in Emerson Suites with at least half the campus for Tracy Porter’s game-clinching interception. Have a great Super Bowl everyone and don’t forget to post your own favorite Super Bowl memories in the comments below.