December 6, 2022
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Rock’s Prodigal Sons Return

With all these breakups going down, there needs to be some silver lining. The Strokes will play the part. NYC’s ferocious five have officially ended their extended hiatus with the release of their new album’s first single, “Under the Cover of Darkness.”

While on their break, many band members pursued side projects and lead singer Julian Casablancas put forth an impressive solo album in the form of “Phrazes for the Young.” With all their secondary projects fulfilled, the band holed up in the studio to record the follow up to 2006’s “First Impressions of Earth.” Bass player Nikolai Fraiture recently announced that the new LP, “Angles,” will be available on March 22nd.

“Under the Cover of Darkness” marks a diversion from the heavy and brooding tone heard throughout “First Impressions.” In fact, this track is rather happy and has a nice little bounce to it. I’m really digging Julian’s extended range in the single. He tends to keep it simple in previous recordings, but I think his solo work may have proved that even in higher octaves he’s still a boss.

Hear it for yourself:

The Strokes: “Under the Cover of Darkness”