October 5, 2022
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School is back in session…let the procrastination begin!


Alexa Chung

You might be wondering why there’s a picture of Alexa Chung under a title that reads “procrastination.”  You might also be wondering why this is being posted in the wee hours of the morning who Alexa Chung is. Besides being a model/television personality/Alex Turner’s main squeeze and all around very cool kid AND my fashion idol, Alexa Chung is the latest person I looked up on Voguepedia, my latest late night/very early morning obsession, which I read when I may or may not be avoiding finishing my homework. Holding 119 years of fashion history, complete with significant dates, photos, videos, and other such delicious tidbits, Voguepedia is a fashionista’s smorgasbord, chock full of this fashion publication giant’s greatest articles and photos – helpful when you’re seeking more information about your favorite fashion icons or simply looking for a little style inspiration or looking for a little distraction while procrastinating. Basically, it’s easy-access Vogue – thanks, Anna Wintour!

However, Voguepedia, Alexa Chung and Anna Wintour are just a few of the things that you can look forward to reading on this blog this year. As a fashion enthusiast, clothes horse, and avid shoe junkie, I’ll be writing about anything and everything sartorial for IC fashionistas and dandies – covering everything from the runways to pret-a-porter to the challenges of staying stylish in the Ithaca drizzle (which, sadly, has already started.) Here’s to hoping that this becomes YOUR new excuse to procrastinate during the school year.