November 26, 2022
Ithaca, NY | 40°F


Song of the Day: Lou Reed

Meditative. “Rock Minuet” is a dare: Can you see the beauty in this? Is beauty too strong a word? Can you get to the depth of it? Can you love it for what it is? Can you see someone it? Where the human being dwells? Where you are in relation to that person? Can you feel what it’s like to grow up in America?

This is about you, I think, at least I think that’s Reed’s proposition, that it could be you. That there is only so far you can go to get away from it and perhaps it isn’t that far, not for our comfort. Maybe it’s another question, too: what are the uses of sex? Or music for that matter. It’s slow, tidal. In a dream world of high school proms, this would finish the night.

Friday night’s alright for dancing.