March 20, 2023
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Song of the Week: “Miss America”

Back in 2009, you could not escape Carolina Liar. These guys were everywhere: Target commercials, summer mixtapes and of course various reality shows. Don’t tell me you weren’t hearing “Coming to Terms” when someone was eliminated. Or maybe it was during a season of “The Real World.” You know, crazy bro gets kicked out of the house for mixing it up with the bartender for the seventh time. The roommates are all sad because even though they just met each other 72 hours ago, they are totally besties. And then this song comes along and makes everything more emotional as Johnny Two Fists exits the penthouse.


Bringing it back on point, Carolina Liar creates some inspirational and emotive music. American lead singer Chad Wolf has quite a voice on him and his Swedish band work with a variety of textures and patterns.


The band recently released their second full-length album, “Wild Blessed Freedom,” and one of the standout tracks is “Miss America.” Electric, synthetic and acoustic elements melt together and create a lush background on which Wolf can showcase his vocals. Prepare for airwave domination.