December 9, 2022
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Song of the Week: “The Devil Takes Care of His Own”

The garage rock scene was reeling back in the spring. The White Stripes had just broken up and The Strokes had yet to make their return to music. But now, The Strokes have put out their album and have already started working on a new one. The White Stripes are still gone, but there’s hope in Band of Skulls.


These English rockers already have a killer album out called “Baby Darling Doll Face Honey.” You’ve probably heard some tracks on a variety of commercials including my favorite, a promo for a Ford Mustang. The trio’s powerful brand of edgy rock is a daily supplement of pure attitude.


Their newest single, “The Devil Takes Care of His Own,” is no exception. With its monstrous guitars, this song is so sinfully delightful, it belongs in the deepest circle of Hell.