January 31, 2023
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Spring break and giving back

Hey everyone, I’m spending my Spring Break traveling to different parts of London and the UK, so I’ll be away from my computer more frequently. Never fear, though. I’m heading to Oxford University today, so I’ll be sure to fill you in on any cool arts-related things I see or do. But for now, let’s have a little chat about something that I find very important: donating.

I went to a few fantastic art galleries/museums here in London over the past few weeks and at each of them, I made it a point to give even the smallest amount I could in the name of giving back to the arts. Mind you, my blogging colleague Meagan McGinnes is totally much better at dishing out the best advice when it comes to making life choices for the better, but here’s my two cents: give back to entertainment venues whenever you can.

I find that after you’ve enjoyed a gallery or a show at a smaller theater, the best thing to do to express how much you enjoyed yourself is to go out of pocket and give that extra dollar or two. Trust me, it gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you helped pay for a new prop, a paint job, or even someone’s salary. Most places have a receptacle in the front lobby or a person you can talk to about it. And no donation is too small. Think about it: if every person who went to a show with 100 seats in the audience gave one dollar, that’d be the equivalent of filling up another 20 seats for a $5 performance.

Yeah, I can do math…check it if you’d like to.