March 27, 2023
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Stephen Colbert gets down on ‘Friday’

By now, you’ve probably heard of Rebecca Black. And you’ve witnessed the rapidly growing media circus surrounding her Ark Music Factory single “Friday.” If not, check out Sharp Notes blogger Jared Dionne’s rundown of the now infamous music video.

The song lent itself to countless parodies and has become fodder for a number of late night programs and spoof shows. But none of those have come close to the grandeur and sheer brilliance of Stephen Colbert’s take on the seemingly indelible tune.

Colbert stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to perform a striking rendition of the song, which taken at face value is much better than the original. And it’s definitely much better than the botched acoustic version in which Black sings along with Ark producers and a cadre of awkwardly swaying teenage girls paid to look cheerful and fully of giddy flair.

Jimmy Fallon and American Idol winner Taylor Hicks join in the Friday fun right before the stage is crowded by some peppy backup dancer girls, a Yeti-looking creature, a man in a bee suit and another guy in underwear holding up a placard with a…QR code?

Something about this wonderful version reminds me of the amazing “What Up With That?” skits on Saturday Night Live. Inspiration much?