December 6, 2022
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Story time at CPAC.

As my mother and I were driving down the palm tree lined roads of Florida’s beautiful Marco Island, where we spent Spring Break, we got involved in a discussion about speakers at the Conservative Political Action Conference, which was hosted in Washington in the beginning of March.  We had been listening to coverage of various speakers and we were struck at the use of various stories used to make a point…that was in complete contradiction to the actual moral of the story.

For example, Jon Stewart did a lovely piece on Paul Ryan’s use of the brown paper bag story (can be found here:—power-of-love).  Thank you, Mr. Stewart, I have nothing further to add.

My person favorite children’s story flub was Sarah Palin’s rendition of Green Eggs and Ham.  Palin used this in homage of Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s filibuster on the Affordable Care Act.  Palin’s sassy version stated, “I do not like this, Uncle Sam.  I do not like this health care scam.” Now, this classic Dr. Seuss story is based around a character who is unwilling to try something new (much like the Republicans and Obamacare) HOWEVER, if you actually read to the end of the story, we are told that he does indeed try this and – *PLOT TWIST* – he likes it.

He actually likes it.  So, I’m not entirely sure that Palin was sending the message that she really wanted to send here…Had she read the entire story, she would realize that she’s actually just telling everyone to stick it out and maybe they’re see that it’s not so bad.

I’m just saying, maybe she and her fellow GOP members should take more than just one page out of Dr. Seuss’s book.