December 7, 2022
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Taking the Plunge


Imagine this: You are over at a friend’s house, and you need to use the restroom. They point you down the hall. You open the door, and next to the bathroom sink is a plunger. Sounds normal, right? Oh no. This plunger isn’t discreetly next to the toilet or inside a cabinet,  it’s suctioned to the wall. Better yet, there are little notches in it and coat hangers are attached, allowing for the perfect place to hang your jacket (it was getting a little warm in this bathroom).

UHH WHAT. No. If I were in this situation, I would be sketched-the-heck-out. There is no way I would consider this friend normal after such a sighting. I don’t care if you think this idea is a great example of multipurpose tools. It’s disturbing. And yes, it’s real — designer Armin Fischer came up with this gem (No offense man — I’m sure you’re a lovely guy). Why did it have to be a toilet plunger, Armin? Couldn’t you have used a broom? Then maybe we could hang the coats in the hallway, and not next to my bathtub. I think that makes a touch more sense, don’t you? Because, really, who is going to use the plunger for its intended function and then just say, “Hey, we should probably stick this on the wall so our guests can hang their clothes on it”? Answer: No one (sane).