October 7, 2022
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The Grey’s Anatomy musical episode

Let’s start this plainly: I do not watch Grey’s Anatomy. But I may just have to tune into next week’s episode, which is set to include a few songs performed by characters on the show. If you follow Grey’s, you are probably well aware that Sara Ramirez, Tony winner and diva extraordinaire, has an amazing voice. And the consensus around the entertainment news reports I’ve read is that her upcoming performance is going to be…wait for it…fierce.

Ramirez, who took Tony gold for her stellar performance as the Lady of the Lake in Monty Python’s “Spamalot the Musical,” is reportedly going to sing a heartfelt ballad in next’s week’s show, much to the delight of theater folk and Ramirez fans everywhere.

Speaking on the musical ballad, Ramirez said:

Shonda Rhimes and the writers toyed with the idea of having Callie sing spontaneously in a scene [for a long time], and I’m kind of relieved that it never happened before, because it just didn’t make sense to me for her character to just sing out of nowhere

So…someone please fill me in. What should I be expecting with this song? Basically, I need someone to wrap up several seasons of her character’s existence in an easily digestible way. Ready, set, go.

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