March 21, 2023
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The “Sandy”s of television

With impending Hurricane Sandy, the name has become one of the week’s most popular buzzwords. An a peace offering to the year’s most dangerous storm, here are some television characters that share the Hurricane’s name.

Sandy, “Friends”

He’s not a major character, but in the episode “The One With The Male Manny,” Ross and Rachel hire Sandy as the nanny for their daughter Emma. Although Rachel loves him, Ross ultimately decides to fire him — which is why Sandy’s role doesn’t last more than one episode.

Sandy Jameson, “7th Heaven”

Played by Haylie Duff, Sandy was introduced in the show’s tenth season as Rose’s best friend and the girl that Martin lost his virginity to. Sandy always had a strong interest in dating Simon, but Rose was his fiancé and she didn’t want to get between them. She eventually marries a doctor named Jonathon.

Sandy Lucas, “J.O.N.A.S.”

In the Disney Channel star-vehicle for the Jonas Brothers, Sandy Lucas is the mother of the Lucas brothers (played by — you guessed it — the Jonas Brothers). She is only a minor character in the show, but is responsible for keeping the boys in check.

Sandy Cheeks, “Spongebob Squarepants”

Who could forget America’s favorite animated squirrel? This Texas native moved to Bikini Bottom and her own person Treedome. A major character in the show’s earlier seasons, she is considered by some to be a romantic interest for Spongebob.